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A new Dr.Web product for BlackBerry

November 26, 2015

Doctor Web is pleased to present a new product in its mobile protection product line—Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry (link to description). Starting with the 10th version of this OS, users have the ability to install Android applications onto their BlackBerry smartphones, and, therefore, the risk has increased for those devices to become infected with numerous Trojans developed under this Google-produced OS. The new product is able to detect and neutralise Trojans, adware, and potentially dangerous applications targeting both BlackBerry and Android devices, and identify vulnerabilities in the software installed on the devices.

Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry includes an anti-virus scanner; the SpIDer Guard file monitor, which scans saved files, installed programs, etc., in real time; a quarantine; and the Security Auditor, which analyses the security level of mobile devices, an activity that includes searching for vulnerabilities in the software installed on them.

Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry can be installed and run on mobile devices running BlackBerry version 10.3.2 and later.

The new product is available free of charge for users of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus (both electronic and boxed licenses).

You can download Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry from the Doctor Web site demo version) or via the Download Wizard using your serial number (link). It will soon be available for download from the shop at BlackBerry World.

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